Brute forcing Buckets on Amazon S3. Two computers, one mouse with Synergy, a Crack the Code Challenge walkthrough with archive and PDF cracking all a lot more, this time on Hak5.

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Hacker Headlines

LulzSec has just opened up a Hack Request Line, enabling people to give them a ring and ask for them to hack certain sites. The group’s phone number is a 614 USA area code that they posted on their twitter feed. They say they have already sent DDOS attacks to eight of the sites callers have requested with more to follow. But, of course, this is all just for the Lulz.

Random Hacks of Kindness just occurred on June 4th and 5th. It’s a globally linked conference that brings together hackers from 18 cities around the world to discuss problems in the world that could have technological solutions. Seems like an awesome idea, and I wish I could have made it this year!

If you’ve ever had the inkling to flash an Arduino using a ZipIt Z2, now there’s a way! Check out the video from Hack A Day.

Crack the Code Challenge

Did you have what it took to compete in our Crack The Code Challenge, brought to you by GoToAssist Express? These Hak5 viewers did last Sunday. Mad props go to: JudaZuk, CanadianTaco, Bas, ThisDB, adrianke, Fredrik, Mike, Edmund, Adammw111 and Julian who were the first 10 to complete the challenge.

A big thanks go out to all that participated, joined the live stream and chat, and of course GoToAssist Express for sponsoring our Hak5 Lab Network. Stay tuned for info on the next, even bigger Crack the Code Challenge.

Brute Forcing Amazon S3 Buckets

Darren demonstrates Robin Wood‘s bucket finder tool, talks about brute force theory and goes over Robin’s recent analysis.

Two Computers one Mouse with Synerygy

The definition of Synergy is basically taking two or more things and making them function together to produce an outcome that is greater than just the things by themselves. The handy tool called Synergy does just that. Here at our Hak5 office, I use two different computers. I bring in my laptop for social networking, catching up with emails, and writing shownotes; and I also use another laptop to work on the HakShop, print labels, and fulfill orders. I have two mice, one for each machine, and if I had a dime for every time I grabbed the wrong mouse when I’m switching between the two laptops, I’d be a millionaire.

Enter Synergy, the free and open source software that lets you share your mouse and keyboard between several different computers, where each computer has it’s own display. You don’t need any hardware addons or special mods, all you need is a local area network- a connection to the internets shared by those differennt computers. But what if you have different operating systems on those machines? Luckily, Windoes, Mac, and Linux are all supported. Sharing the computers is as easy as just moving your mouse from one monitor to another, also enabling you to use multiple monitors for your single computers as normal, and you can copy and paste between the seperate machines.
Synergy was first created years ago but wasn’t being updated after 2006, so we have a merging of Synergy and Synergy+, now bringing us updates and new OS compatibility.

to download Synergy, go to and click the download tab, then choose your operating system for the main computer. Go through the install process like normal and open the program. On the main window, check server, which means you will share this computers keyboard and mouse. Now, click on Configure server. From here you can drag and drop your main computers monitor to a desired box in the grid. This gives you a nice structured view of where each of your computers will be in real time. So, since my main computer will be to the left of my second laptop, I’ll put my main computer here. In the next tab, you can enable hotkeys if wanted, and choose advanced settings. Also, keep in mind your ‘server’s’ name, mine is Snubs-PC. This will be the keyboard and mouse that you’ll want to connect your other computers to as clients.

Now I’m going to connect my second laptop to this main one’s keyboard and mouse, and hopefully all goes well!

I’ve installed Synergy on my second computer. To install it on a second computer, AKA a client, just follow the same steps as before. This time, when you open the program, you’ll need to check Client, and type in the name of your original main computer, for me it’s Snubs-PC. Go into edit–>settings and look up your laptops name, mine is Hakshop. Now on your server computer, choose Server Configuration, and drag a new monitor to the screen. Name this one Hakshop by double clicking on the monitor. Now that you have both computers set up, click start synergy on both of them. If all works fine and they are both connected via the same local area connection – ethernet or wireless – you should be able to move your mouse from one monitor to the other PC’s monitor.

Easy! And totally cool. I literally had a ‘Whoa’ moment when I had my laptop on the other side of the room and was able to use my mouse to control it.

If you like Synergy or have a program like this, email me at

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  • dustyhair 3 years ago

    In regards to the viewer mail question about the wall mount case mod, its worth noting that a lot of the higher end newer motherboards have power and reset switches built in to the motherboard along with hex code error displays.

  • Didn’t we cover Synergy like season 1 or 2? Personally, I would move all the machines you need to VM’s in a closet or server rack, and then RDP into the ones you need to work on. Why clutter the desk, even with just two laptops, when you can have one console to access all of them over the network. RDP, or VNC, whatever you like. Hell, GotoAssist even.

    As for the brute forcing of Amazon, another trick is to trust in google to have found most of these for you.

    Try this google dork: inurl:””

  • Why are you guys continuously tapping that iPhone?

    Love the show!


  • AndiC 3 years ago

    Blimey I have’nt used Synergy in a while it now has a GUI!

  • Well i tried to download a wordlist from site, and i don’t get it. When i download the .gz file, extract it and try to open it in a text editor. Then it opens what looks like a website, with hyperlinks to different sites and so on. Whats the idea in this? And where is the wordlist?

    Kind regards.

    • Are you sure you downloaded the correct file? A text file shouldn’t launch a website, so curious which file you downloaded.

      I just downloaded one from and it opened fine.

  • Seuros 3 years ago

    Darren ? Are you high ?
    PCMCIA EXPRESS on that thinkpad ? What about the SSD HD and Touch Screen ? Lulz

  • It turns out one of my (private) S3 buckets is on that name list. Now I’m seeing “AccessDenied” errors in my bucket logs. If you’re running that script, I’m watching you! ;)

    Here’s the people who’ve tried over the last few days:

  • Seems to me that the bucket_finder.rb could be faster if it was threadpool’d.

    Like this, maybe?

    (requires: gem install work_queue)

  • I like this blog, thank you for share!!