In this episode of Hak.5 Wess builds a mini arcade cabinet for under $100, Harrison attacks SSL with Whoppix, Darren defends himself by setting up a VPN server on XP, and Jon & Harrison take on buffer overflows with beer. Plus an interview with a Goldeneye Source developer, exclusive in-game video, and more Microshaft than you can wave a rounded IDE cable at. Special guest intro by Jenn Cutter from OpenAlpha and new theme music by Ashley Witt.


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Length: 34:30

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  • Kenadak 10 years ago


  • Good news Good News!

  • dynamx 10 years ago

    damn guys! you keep getting better and better with each show.

    I was @ noregrets for the august meetup and I’ll see you there in Dec!

  • Thanks .. been waiting for this :)

  • Just excellent! The show was better than ever. You guys are really lookin pro now. Everything seems improved, even your presenting style seems more relaxed.

    As ever fantastic content!

  • anychance of seeing the old intro?

  • steve 10 years ago

    w00t, great episode!

  • Watched this ep last night! Nice job 😉 – and nice tee. Keep it up! Looking forward to meeting the team when you’re in Toronto for the “TechTV Holiday Meet-up.”
    -Amber Mac

  • Jonathan 10 years ago

    Yeah nice tee Darren 😉

  • Amazing. As I have come to expect, Hak.5 does yet again. Congrats, keep it up!

  • Great episode … Already converted it to my ipod to show to others. Cheers all … Keep up the good work.

    Jay – Ontario, Canada

  • Miguel Lopes 10 years ago

    Guys? What happened to Alli? She is what makes your show different from all the other geek shows. Bring’er back!!!

  • Great episode. It was very professional. The VPN segment was great, I wondering about how to do something like that. Editing and content was top class. Hak.5 rocks!!!

  • That was a great segment on SSL hacking/spoofing. Great job! I think you have the best hack/tech vidcast out right now.

  • “That was a great segment on SSL hacking/spoofing. Great job! I think you have the best hack/tech vidcast out right now”

  • I agree it was good, but it is better with Ali. You guys must get her to come back, we need the little games section.

  • PileOfMush 10 years ago

    Oh fuck how I love you guys…
    “Harrison (drunk)” hahaha…
    “I’m gonna send my code to his and basically like make some shit happen”

  • Daggerlee 7 years ago

    How can i get some plans for the bar-top cabinet??? help please!!!!!!!!!!


    These are the show notes for this episode, and they include the bar cabinet instructions… though they aren’t that great.

  • Anyone know where I can find the show notes for this episode? The link on the wiki doesn’t work.