In this episode of Hak.5 Jon brings us a coding challenge, Wess builds a laser audio transmitter for his iPod, Harrison shows us why we should get to know our network neighbors better, and Darren remotely installs VNC with a command line gem. Plus the conclusion to last month’s chilling cliff-hanger and guest appearances by Leo Laporte, Amber MacArthur, Mike Lazazzera, and Frank Linhares.


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Running time: 39:12


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  • The RSS feed says that it’s episode #5.

  • DUUDDE!!! TOTALLY COOL!!! downloading and seeding… right now

  • Administrator 10 years ago

    I’ve been trying to update the RSS feed but the servers are getting hit so hard that broadcast machine isn’t responding. As soon as the first digg wave wears off they’ll be updated.

  • elistian 10 years ago

    damn ive been trying for 30min now to download from the directdownload link and it wont even connect… like wont start at all lol… guess the dedicated server wasnt enough…

    lol thats the price u gotta pay when ur show gets popular…

    this sucks though lol i want to watch it now and the torrent wont be done for over another 2 hours or so… damn 20kb a second lol..

    anyone else getting faster torrent speeds??

  • Parthurs 10 years ago

    slow for me too. But ill wait it out its worth it!

  • I’m seeding the xvid torrent, and Azureus reports a swarm speed of 3.53MB/s and an average speed of 52 kB/s. Hopefully, your speeds will be increasing as more people finish and start seeding.

  • I was getting the torrent at 120K when I left for work. Fastest torrent I have ever seen. Go Hak5!!!!

  • Karen 10 years ago

    Props to the cast and crew of Five on another successful (and kickass may I mention) release, now where the hells my DVD?

  • loving the vnc with no tray icon i’ve been trying to find info on that for ages (i wasnt really trying very hard i asked the bloke sitting behind me in my office lol anyway) an then i’m just watching hak5 an u guy’s tell me bonus

  • hello people….i have this problem while trying to use fastpush i get an error faied the IPCSTATUS…you got any ideas?