In this episode of Hak.5 the gang hacks the CVS disposable digital camera, secure VNC traffic using SSH tunneling, take viewer questions and even check out some video submissions. Plus some special announcements and more commercials worth watching. Guest intro by Kevin Mitnick and music by Ashley Witt.


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Running time: 39:12


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  • generalleoff 10 years ago

    For the dude that wanted a batch file for his torrent client. Are you amware of this feature of uTorrent? Might work better.

  • markbrugge 10 years ago

    biw x

  • Great show!

    And the switch ad was hilarious.

    Oh and happy birthday Wess.

  • The “Sur une courbe continue sans tangente, obtenue par une géométrique élémentaire” is defienitely not Swedish ;P, it’s probably French… Keep on Haking 😉 /David from Sweden

  • I work in a bottle shop in Australia, and we don’t sell Fosters anymore. It used to be the biggest selling beer, now you can hardly get it (except overseas), because it sucks.

  • Great hak on the CVS camera, thanks for the details.

  • Sci_Alpha 10 years ago

    i never thought that VNC is crackable. Im not gud at soldering so i will not going to try hacking cvs camera. gud informative show.
    u guyz r kinda famous now. kewwl
    i just want to point out that u guyz did little bit of over acting. hak5 is kool but dont try to over kool stuff. i think if u guyz stand steady n still while talking that would give a better effect on viewer.
    its just a suggestion , dont take me wrong.

  • I gott he Ipod version and after 20 secs of playing it pauses then it starts playing again but with NO audio and i can skip forward to any point and it will do it again

  • Administrator 10 years ago

    is anyone else having problems playing the ipod version on their ipod?

  • I downloaded the iPod version and have no problems playing on the computer. However, there are no seeds for the high quality mov file. stuck at 4.2%.

  • I am having the same problem with freezing on the iPod. This is happening with both the iTunes download and the torrent download. No problems with any other videos on the iPod.

  • Administrator 9 years ago

    Just spent 2 hours encoding a new version in mpeg instead of h.264 using Videora and ended up with an audio only version. Eerg! I’ll keep working on it.

  • Steve 9 years ago

    Great episode guys. Another fan from ‘down under’. Just to reiterate what Tom said earlier. Fosters is crap, thats why we export it. When you come here I can introduce you to some of our better quality beers. Oh, and Wess, sorry, but Darren can hold his drink better than you!

  • Administrator 9 years ago

    I think I messed up the lower third with our names at the end of the show and confused some people. I’m always the one on the left. Wess is on the right and can hold his liquor.


  • Google 9 years ago

    Just wondering, where are Jon and Harrison? They are the life of the show.

  • Ten56 9 years ago

    agreed, show sucks without the hackers

  • TennBikeBerk 9 years ago

    What about Alli for that matter? I think she was only on one or two episodes.

  • Andrew 9 years ago

    Hey Guys, I also had freezing errors with the file on my video iPod, :( Videora will do this on updated iPods

  • Administrator 9 years ago

    I re-encoded the episode using videora yesterday and neither file came out right. I’m exporting it to ipod format using quicktime pro 7 now, which will take about 8 hours but it normally gets the job done right.

  • « Sur une courbe continue sans tangente, obtenue par une géométrique élémentaire ». I confirm that this sentence is french because i’m french. It basically means “In a line without other lines cuting that line with basic geometric”. [poor english detected :D]

  • Bagel 9 years ago

    Lame, no Jon and Harrison. What happened to the show? Lol, next thing you know Ali will be back on, pffft.

  • TehHax0r 9 years ago

    omfg, please dont bring that winch back.

  • I think Ali did a great job.

  • ^^, adding to that because I hit submit before I .. should have.

    I’d like to see more of Harrisons exploits and security stuff, he does a great job.

    I’m also .. in the security and cryptography boat, and it’s nice to just see updates and hear of things that make you boot into linux and try it for yourself.

  • The problem with this episode playing on the 5g ipod has to do with the new 1.1 firmware update. Apparently this is a pretty wide spread problem, not just with hak5 video. Some people have reported no problems with firmware 1.1. Apparently it is hit or miss if the update will affect you. The only way to fix it right now is to downgrade your firmware back to 1.0. Instructions can be found here
    Hope this helps

  • Aubrey 9 years ago

    I have one of the videos you were asking about at the end. . I remember thinking that the dude looked a lot like Kevin Pereira, but the asf file is of such crappy quality that I assumed it wasn’t. Good luck on your hunt for the others.

  • Golach 9 years ago

    Just Curious what game server Wess said he was on in WoW. I am a big fan and have never heard of Stormwind Server.

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