In this HakTip Darren covers how to implement a grease monkey script in chrome to correct a problem made by website designers.

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If you aren't familiar with Greasemonkey it's a popular Firefox extension that, since 2004, has been letting users install javascript addons, or greasemonkey scripts, for making realtime changes to web pages. Opera has supported the scripts since version 8 and Chrome since early 2010.

And today I'll be demonstrating the installation of a simple Greasemonkey script to save your retinas - so let's get started.

The script is simple enough this bit of javascript. Basically it sets the variable newSS for new style sheet with our preferred values. The background should be black, the text gray, and the links and visited links - these values are Yellow and I find them easy on the eyes.

So this brings me to ask, what scripts, greasemonkey or otherwise, rock your world? Share 'em with us at --, And be sure to check out our sister show Hak5 every week for more great stuff just like this.

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