Running out of room on your Solid State C Drive? Move your Steam games to another drive while keeping them playable with this great program.

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Solid State Drives are becoming more and more popular, and generally they're really good for sticking windows on and booting your PC in less than a second. SSD's are still pricey but a lot of laptops are now coming with a small one built in. But who wants a tiny SSD for their main harddrive when you need space for your Steam games, which automatically download to your Steam folder - generally found in the C drive?
This means a lot of people end up purchasing a second Hard Drive for all their data and just keeping Windows on the SSD.

But what about the Programs, apps, and common files already on the SSD when you decide to switch? You need to move those files without breaking them, and that's why a nice fellow created Steam Mover.

Steam Mover is free over at and only works for Windows Vista and 7 on NTFS drives. It's built for Steam but can be used for any programs. The creator doesn't warranty the program, so if you're moving around a lot of files and something gets lost, you may find yourself wishing you had a backup.

First go to the website and download the zip, and open the Steam Mover .exe. Again, although built for Steam, you can use this for any folders of programs. I'm going to choose my Downloads folder for the 'common folder' then my Desktop as the alternate point. Obviously I don't have two NTFS drives installed on my Laptop so moving my programs from Point A on C to Point B on C won't make a difference in the size of my C drive, but this'll give you the jist of the program.

Hit refresh and it'll bring up the folders you can move. To move a file folder from point A to B, hit the right arrow near the bottom and to move it back, hit the left arrow. Each time you do this, a command line window will appear while it's working it's magic. You can also choose to run the commands yourself if you so wish.

So pros: I can finally move all the Steam games on my C drive that I never play to my backup harddrive, freeing up space for newer games to be installed in the original C drive folder. All the while, games on both drives will still be playable in Steam.

Cons: It's not warrantied and the program can possibly break something, but I haven't had any problems. It's only for NTFS on 7 and Vista.

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