Pimp your Gnome desktop with this First Person Shooter inspired terminal emulator.

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If you're a linux user and a fan of the first person shooter style top-down debug consoles then you're going to love Guake.

Still in active development and similar to Tilda or Yaakuake for KDE, Guake is a must have addition to any Gnome desktop. The setup process couldn't be easier. On a Debian based system like Ubuntu or Mint:

sudo apt-get install guake

You'll find Guake installed under Applications > Accessories. When run for the first time you'll be prompted to press F12 to toggle visibility. The appearance and keyboard shortcuts can be changed to suite you by right-clicking within the Quake terminal and choosing Preferences.

Be sure to also run gnome-session-properties and check the box next to Guake in the list to have it run when Gnome starts up.

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