Need a lightweight screen recorder for your Linux terminal sessions? Darren check out ttyrec and ttyplay, this time on HakTip.

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When it comes to screen recording in Linux I prefer ffmpeg for its ability to grab x11 sessions. That said the files it produces involve a processor-memory trade-off. Want a small file? That'll cost you in CPU. Don't want to take a CPU hit? That'll cost you in memory.

But what if you simply need to record a terminal session? For that we're using ttyrec and ttyplay, a set of tools that record terminal sessions in millisecond persission, capturing the standard output of the command line as well as text based "graphical user interfaces" such as vi, emacs, nano, hell even Kismet!

Install "ttyrec" from your favorite repo then issue ttyrec filename to record. When finished issue exit and your file is ready to go. You should notice that the file size is tremendously small in comparison to a video encoded with xvid or ogg.

Playback is as simple as issuing ttyplay filename. Playback speed can be increased and decreased with the + and - keys.

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