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I've learned a lot about how to use shell, but you guys have sent over some really useful tips in the past few weeks. Here are a few of my favorites that I found helpful!

This one is from James, about alias:

If a command has been aliased, and one might want to run the un-aliased version, you must put a back-slash before the command:

Alias ls=îls ñlî

ls /usr/bin (# will give the output of ls ñl)

ls /usr/bin (# will give the output of ls only)

Mink says: I wanted to say you had a clever hack with your expansions to include the leading 0 in months/years but you can simply say {01..31} †note the leading zero in front of the 1 in ""01"" that will force a leading zero on all numbers to match... you could even say {001...009} were you listing, say, the secret agents in MI-6 ^_^

Also, couldn't you use expansion to describe the files to detele, er "rm".

Matthew writes in:

There is a cute little easter egg in all linux distros. If you press Alt + F2 for the run prompt, and type in ""free the fish"" a little fish will swim around the screen (I call him steve) , and run away when you click on him. The funny thing is, the fish cannot be turned off, without restarting the distro. I enjoy steves company while working.

Wanda was removed in 11.10 when Ubuntu switched from Gnome to Unity, but you can get her back! Instructions at OMGUbuntu.Co.Uk.

Jorn says:

To reverse search your shell history press ctrl+r. That saved me a lot of time.

Steve writes: The best terminal thing ever: Tab Completion. My students rarely seem to use it, but it saves so much typing and prevents so many type-o's. So when my students are slowly typing out:vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0†I just want to take the keyboard from them and type:vim /et[TAB]sysc[TAB]ne[TAB]-s[TAB]if[TAB]e[TAB].

You guys have sent in some great tips and feedback, keep 'em coming!. Thanks to everyone that has been sending feedback for our Linux Terminal 101 series. I've really enjoyed learning what I have and I'll share a few of my favorite resources soon.

Make sure to email me with your thoughts. And be sure to check out our sister show, Hak5 for more great stuff just like this. I'll be there, reminding you to trust your technolust.

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