This week on HakTip Shannon is using NMap to scan certain targets while excluding others.

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Today we’re scanning for random targets and learning about excluding IP addresses in NMap.

We’ve already learned how to scan for a single target, or multiples in several different ways. Today we’ll check out scanning random targets with the -iR parameter. This looks like:
nmap -iR 3
(where nmap starts the program, -iR means scan random, and 3 means I want to scan 3 targets.)

Why would you want to do this? There aren’t a lot of reason why you’d do a random scan, unless using it for nefarious reasons or for research.

Now, say I want to exclude a certain IP address from a large scan of my network. We can use the same syntax we used before for scanning multiple targets, and add a bit of extra command at the end, like this:

nmap –exclude (The first part we’ve already discussed, and the second is pretty obvious- it excludes that one IP address).

You can also use this same command to exclude a series of IP addresses, like this:

nmap –exclude

Say you want to exclude a big list of specific IP address that you’ve added to a text file. I’m using the same list I made for my last HakTip, list.txt. If I ‘cat list.txt‘ I see a few IP addresses shown here.

For this example, we will use the syntax:

nmap –excludefile list.txt

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