In this episode we head to Washington DC for Shmoocon, the only security conference with foam projectiles. We converse with Renderman about hacking and con-going. Scott Moulton provides insight on recovery and forensics with solid state disks. Mati Aharoni aka Muts tells us all about Backtrack and offensive-security. Dan Griffin debuts some new security tools for Vista. David Hulton aka H1kari talks about his research intercepting and cracking GSM traffic. And Chris Compton & Co bring us the latest from Hack or Halo

Plus this month’s trivia and a contest sure to get your lolz on.


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  • ColForbin 7 years ago

    Outstanding episode! Loved your talk with muts. Thanks for continuing to deliver high caliber, quality content.

  • TheGubble 7 years ago

    I never thought there was an ‘i’ in ‘TheGubble’, yet it sounded like ‘TheGibble’ in the episode. Never-The-less, great episode and i loved the interviews.

  • Congrats on a very interesting episode! We really appreciate your work doing all those interesting interviews. It was fun to meet several of the HAK5 krew, offensive-security is looking forward to seeing you again.

  • Found one of your vids on youtube yesterday, now ive seen them all, lol!
    you guys are are awesome. KUTGW 😉

  • the_brein 7 years ago

    Show should be called Hak.5-ish.

    Love the show.

  • you guys should be on cable….

    go pwn the noobz at g4 for god sakes

  • Thanks for the contribution. This ep is Great.
    Outstanding Job!

  • Great Job! ! thank you :)

  • Great job on the episode guys! The talks were very interesting, and light years ahead of Guitar Hero/Rock Band mods which the previous episodes have been so often filled with.

  • SImon31337 7 years ago

    The forensic Scott guy speaks utter crap! The hardware has no knowledge of the logical layout of a flash device. There is no difference between a deleted and undeleted file. Hard Drives of Flash, both keep exactly the same sector allocations. Any standard sector editor can allow access to deleted sectors, recovery is the same as with any logical drive. If the sector is logically readable, then a raw read will give you the exact same information as a platter based magnetic drive. The flash device could be formatted with FAT12/16/32 NTFS/EXT3 …. a file recovery works the way you expect …. sheesh! I am lost as to what this guy is on about… I will put it in the past now.

  • Weird 7 years ago

    When I try to download your MP3, Xvid or WMV file I get “500 – Internal Server Error
    “. I think Podtrac is redirecting me to somewhere else.

  • Strange, I just checked and you’re right they were throwing 500s. I drafted an email to Libsyn support and upon proof reading tested the links again and they work fine. I’ll keep an eye on them and have my finger on the trigger incase this problem crops up again. Thanks for the comment.

  • great job…you guys rock

  • SkyDog 7 years ago

    Have you seen such form? Well, not since Helsinki in ’76. Wow.

    Good to have partied with you again in DC. I will hopefully get that video footage pulled down and edited soon. Too many other fun projects coming along that keep me from doing my dull personal projects!


  • couldnt you just have put it on google video or something? why the effin’ download?

  • Great post, i stumbled onto your site and really enjoy the posts. Keep em coming.
    ~ greg