In this “breakin’ in the new place” edition of Hak5 we take a look at some spiffy open-source goodies for your data and network. Paul checks out DD-WRT, a free & open firmware replacement for the oh so hackable Linksys WRT54G. Mubix teaches us why we should all be using TrueCrypt for our sensitive data. Darren gets packets flowing with Smoothwall Express, a firewall distribution of Linux. And Paul demos a sweet burning app for OS X.Plus all the deets on this month’s LAN party, Poll, Trivia, upcoming events, and plenty of Technolust with Wess, Alli & Nikki.


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  • What a noob you are darren

  • Gary C 8 years ago

    File not found :( i guess I’ll have to wait a little longer…..

  • Administrator 8 years ago

    Oops, totally forgot to rename the files from .avi.notforyouyet to .avi and what not. I’m a noob. Been so busy down stairs building a mini-itx server with Wess. Man I suck. So so sorry.

  • thespy 8 years ago

    W00T: I guess i’ll DL it when i can 😀

    thx to mubix for the segment on truecrypt, it’s something that I’ve always wanted someone to expand on.

  • DigiP 8 years ago

    Seems that only the iPod version is up.

  • DigiP 8 years ago

    I stand corrected…damn you guys are quick.

  • It’s pretty funny that he’s naming the file with an Outlook extension during the TrueCrypt segment. Yeah, who’d look in mail? No one ever stores anything interesting in e-mail. Interesting logic there boys.

  • Not on Stage6 yet?
    Too bad.

    That was the quickest way to watch the show… stream it over in DivX quality.

  • GREAT SHOW Hak5, Well I got my Hak5 fix, I really REALLY wish it was a WEEKLY cast. I fully support the show and use the sponsors services. The more of us fans that do this my(everyones) wish may come true and the Hak5 crew can quit their day jobs :) to bring us more technolust.

  • Oh I don’t know if you know this or not, but you can shorten the domains on Source Forge quite a bit by using domain rather than


  • Bercik 8 years ago

    Just woke up and here he is 😉
    When I came back watch and post how i liked it.

  • Administrator 8 years ago

    Divx Stage6 version online. Working on a celebration cocktail.

  • I’ve been subscribed to the RSS feed for a while. And when I finally decided to download the show in MP4 to watch it on my phone I get an error.

    Well. It worked when I used the URL the redirect service is supposed to redirect me to. :)

  • Natural_Orange 8 years ago

    Not showing in iTunes

  • Thats what have been wating for

  • Whell – not all you said about true-crypt is correct.
    If you put files on your outer volume, the data in your hidden volume will actually be overwritten! – Of course – Plausible deniability, why would a 10 MB file only have 5 MB of space unless there’s a hidden volume?
    But there’s a feature you can choose, that mounts the outer volume, but saves the hidden one from being overwritten – you can find it under “mount options” when mounting a volume.

    For further information read the (excellent) manual for TrueCrypt.

  • Bercik 8 years ago

    FEAR on LAN, great. I hope my graphic card will be ready for party. Couse it’s broken right now. I can’t even practice.

  • THX for the props. I feel loved

  • Awesome job Hak.5 crew keep em coming. I am enjoying every episode.

  • Steve 8 years ago


  • Peter 8 years ago

    Hey guys cool ep, but you need to put ‘da paul’ back behind the camera, he is very awkward on camera and wess bassically had to finish all his sentences for him.

  • Brian 8 years ago

    Hey Guys whats up with i tunes saying you don’t have a valid podcast url?

  • cyros 8 years ago

    hey guys best episode hands down, nicely done…straight right into the segments no bs, great choice of content…i watch all the time love the show…keep up the good work, thanks

  • please go to . mattsjokes is a joke web site I have set up and but i need more visitors so tell your friends

  • Smoothwall is a good firewall but I prefer pfSense over it. If you like smoothwall check out pfSense, it has many of the same features and more. We are currently using it on our lab and havent had any problems.

    Good episode too.

  • Unzip 8 years ago

    I just discovered hak5 and already saw a couple of episodes. This show is really cool and I have great respect for the things you’re doing!

    The enthousiasm for technology of you all is great to see. Keep it up !

    Greetz from Belgium

  • Justin 8 years ago

    Has anybody had problems downloading the lastest episode of Hak5. I downloaded it but the video doesn’t go the full length of the epiode, has it been fixed?

    post some comments here if you had this problem or if you know they fixed the problem.

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