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Hak5 1708 – Cellular Testing Tools and Mobile SDR Apps

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Hak5 1611 – Open Source Drones and Android SDR

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Hak5 1522 – CES 2014 – Darren & Shannon’s Top Picks

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Hak5 1512 – Hidden Device Inputs Revealed!

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Threat Wire 0044 – Apple’s Touch ID Raises Security Questions

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Is Apple's Touch ID a threat to security?, secure SMS for Android, Lavabit heading to court and the NSA sharing data on US persons with Israel. All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0022 – Hackers on a Plane

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HakTip 29 – DEFCON 19: Android Botnets

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Android Live Wallpaper

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Jason shows us how to program an Android Live Wallpaper

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