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NSA Hacks App Stores, Android Factory Reset Flaw and Security Questions Insecure – Threat Wire

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Watch out when selling off that old phone, the Android Factory Reset doesn't clear all your data. Plus, it's no secret that secret questions are bogus. And the latest from Edward Snowden - NSA hacking Mobile App store...

Mobile Encryption, Safari Browser’s Flaw, Laplace’s Demon, and Hackers on a Plane!

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Our fight for mobile encryption won’t end anytime soon, Safari is facing a troubling flaw, United Airlines has a depressing bug bounty program, and in Russia, government stop you. The Ongoing Fight For Encryption ...

Hak5 1724 – Rooted Android SSH Tunneling and Arduino Cylons!

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Following up on last weeks rootless Android SSH Tunneling tutorial, Darren Kitchen explores a much simpler way to secure all of the Internet traffic on your rooted Android device with the open source SSH Tunnel app. P...

Hak5 1723 – Rootless Android SSH Tunneling and Arduino Sketches

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We love SSH Tunnels for their versatility and ease of use. They're great for protecting Internet traffic and a breeze to setup on Windows, Mac or Linux. So how about Android? Darren looks into SSH Tunneling from an un...

Hak5 1711 – HackRF + Android + Open Source Spectrum Analyzer!

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Analyzing the RF Spectrum with HackRF and an Open Source Android app - Shannon Morse reports. Plus, we moved! Darren tours the still-under-construction Hak5 warehouse. All that and more, this time on Hak5! Like Hak...

Hak5 1708 – Cellular Testing Tools and Mobile SDR Apps

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Shannon and Darren use their phones to test signals. From checking your connection on WiFi or Cellular! To catching flight information from the skies! Download HD | Download MP4 LanDroid Network Signal Info...

Hak5 1611 – Open Source Drones and Android SDR

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Drones! Hak5 takes flight in the first of a series on building an open source autonomous aerial system! Darren Kitchen joins Piotr Esden-Tempski. Plus, Software Defined Radio for Android - Shannon Morse reports. All t...

Hak5 1522 – CES 2014 – Darren & Shannon’s Top Picks

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This time on a special CES wrap-up edition of Hak5, Darren & Shannon share their best picks from the show including lightweight laptop chargers, 3D printers and action cameras, wearable dev boards and cloning NFC ...

Hak5 1512 – Hidden Device Inputs Revealed!

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Darren meets Paul McMillan to see the whole internets VNC servers in 16 minutes. Also find new was to connect to your phone with Mike Ossmann and Kyle Osborn at ToorCon 2013, all that and more this time on Hak5! Do...

Hak5 1506 – Alternative Sneaker Nets and BitTorrent Syncing

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Syncing files with BitTorrent Sync and alternative ways to Sneaker Net files using optics and audio! All that and more, this time on Hak5! Download HD | Download MP4 Youtube Hak5 1506.1: http://youtu.be/Tr0v3DZV...

Threat Wire 0044 – Apple’s Touch ID Raises Security Questions

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Is Apple's Touch ID a threat to security?, secure SMS for Android, Lavabit heading to court and the NSA sharing data on US persons with Israel. All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0022 – Hackers on a Plane

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Hak5 1216 – Android Hacking with the USB Rubber Ducky

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HakTip 29 – DEFCON 19: Android Botnets

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Android Live Wallpaper

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Jason shows us how to program an Android Live Wallpaper

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