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TekThing 29: Ethernet Beats WiFi, Tech Travel Gear, Password Lock Folders, Power Conditioners!

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Do I need a UPS or power conditioner to 'protect' my PC and home theater gear? 3 travel accessories every geek should have during their summer vacation, Ethernet vs. WiFi? (Hint, one of 'em crushes the other...) Why y...

Hak5 1622 – The NSA Playset and SDRSharp Plugins

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This time is up in Washington state, at Toorcamp! There he talks with Michael Ossmannn about creating spy tools and listening device detection tools. Also Shannon explore the vast array of sdrsharp plugins. All that a...

Hak5 1612 – Drone Basics and Open Source Ship Tracking

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Drone Basics explained. From components to flight functions - join autopilot developer Piotr Esden-Tempski and Darren Kitchen for the continuation of our Open Source drone series. Then tracking ships with open source ...

Hak5 1414 – Hack Across America Starts and IRC History

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Darren starts Hack Across America with a visit to Overland Expo, Then Shannon sets up her IRC from pidgin, All that and more, this time on Hak5! Download HD | Download MP4 A Little History of IRC IRC (Interne...

Hak5 1225 – Linux laptop battery optimization and using encryption with dropbox

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Hak5 1005 – Airfoil Design, Install Ubuntu from Windows and Battery Powered PCs

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This time on the show, Open Source Airfoil Designs, Installing Ubuntu from within Windows and DC power supplies. Download HD Download MP4 Open Source Airfoil Design Pranay Sinha from the Quadshot project join...