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BIND9 DOS Attack, Android Mediaserver Attack Crashes Phones, TrackingPoint Sniper Rifles Wireless Hack

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A Bind Exploit Causes DOS Attacks, an Android Mediaserver Attack Crashes Phones, and TrackingPoint Sniper Rifles have a Wireless Hack. All that coming up now on ThreatWire. http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/07/m...

HakTip 129 – Wireshark 101: The Domain Name System

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Today on HakTip, Shannon explains the DNS protocol, or Domain Name System, and how it pertains to use in Wireshark. Download HD | Download MP4 DNS (Domain Name System) is the reason why when you type in a websit...

Haktip 108 – NMap 101: NDiff and Your Tips!

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Today on HakTip, Shannon shows off NDiff, a program inside NMap that lets you compare XML outputs. Download HD  |   Download MP4 Ndiff is a tool that allows you to compare two XML output files made by NMap and s...

HakTip 96 – NMap 101: Discovery Options Part 2

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Shannon Morse discusses several discovery options you can use while working within NMap on today's HakTip. Download HD  |   Download MP4   Today we're going to go over more Discovery Options. Since th...

Hak5 1505 – Kali Linux Raspberry Pi Laptop and Hijack Windows Password

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Cheap Kali Linux Laptop with a Raspberry Pi, a Lapdock and Custom Cables - Shannon Morse reports. Then, Persistently Stealing Windows Passwords in Plaintext. Mubix of Room362.com demonstrates this devious hack! All th...

Tools for Messing Around with DNS

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This segment Darren goes over some of the tools to do some interesting things with DNS and hak6.org.

Introduction to DNS Design

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Space cadet Darren explains a bit of the design and characteristic of DNS.

Episode 402 — Spicy Reverse Engineering

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