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Hak5 1816 – Free Yourself From Google, Arduino Art, Open Source Friendica Plugins

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Freeing yourself from Google, installing open source friendica plugins, getting the most from your 4 tb hard drive, and building art with arduinos. All that and more this time on Hak5. Download HD  |   Download MP4...

Hak5 1612 – Drone Basics and Open Source Ship Tracking

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Drone Basics explained. From components to flight functions - join autopilot developer Piotr Esden-Tempski and Darren Kitchen for the continuation of our Open Source drone series. Then tracking ships with open source ...

Haktip 25 – DEFCON 19: Wireless Security Assessment

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In this HakTip from DEFCON 19 Darren is joined by Mark Wuergler of Immunity to demo Silica, a wireless security assessment tool he has been developing. Download HD Download MP4 Download WMV

Haktip 23 – WiFi 101: Probe Requests and Responses

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Today we're continuing our discussion on wireless management frames with probe requests and responses. Download HD Download MP4 Download WMV

HakTip 21 – WiFi 101: Frame Analyzing

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Today we'll be setting up an environment which will allow us to easily disect a beacon frame, as well as the other three types of management frames; probes, authentication and association. As you know we've covered th...

HakTip 19 – WiFi 101: Beacon Frames and Injection

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Today we're following up our discussion on 802.11 frames with an investigation of beacons and a practical example using BackTrack Linux and a technique known as raw frame injection. Download HD Download MP4 Downloa...

HakTip 17 – WiFi 101: 802.11 Frames

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Today we're diving into the do-dads that make up 802.11, or to be more specific we'll be going over WiFi frames. It is with careful use or abuse of these frames we're able to acomplish some pretty nifty tricks. Dow...