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Hak5 1806 – WiFi Auditing with SQL and Pollution Monitoring with Arduino

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Analyzing WiFi Packet Captures with the power of SQL using a new free tool from Security Tube! Plus, pollution monitoring using an Arduino? Shannon reports. All that and more, this time on Hak5! Download HD | Downl...

Hak5 1612 – Drone Basics and Open Source Ship Tracking

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Drone Basics explained. From components to flight functions - join autopilot developer Piotr Esden-Tempski and Darren Kitchen for the continuation of our Open Source drone series. Then tracking ships with open source ...

Threat Wire 0024 – LivingSocial HACKED!

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Hak5 1204 – Hacking Zigbee with Dragorn of Kismet Wireless

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Episode 501 — Won’t you be my neighbor?

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Getting to know your neighbors -- Darren takes a trip around your network with nmap, THE open source network security scanner. Want to obscure your OS fingerprint? Make a Windows Box show up as a printer? Shannon’s go...