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Hak5 1715 – Social Encryption with Keybase.io

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This time on the show, Shannon and Darren explore Keybase.io - a cross between a social network and a crypto keyserver. All that and more, this time on Hak5. Download HD | Download MP4 Keybase is a website, and ...

Hak5 1714 – FREE Dropbox Alternatives

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Open Source Cloud Sharing with Pulse (previously SyncThing). Why pay for Dropbox when you could sync it yourself? Shannon Morse checks out this awesome cross-platform cloud sharing app. All that and more, this time on...

Hak5 1617 – Drone Assembly and Trunked Radio Systems

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Hak5 1616 – Drones 101: Open Source Autopilot

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Hak5 1612 – Drone Basics and Open Source Ship Tracking

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Hak5 1602 – Decoding Digital Subcarriers with a $20 SDR

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Hak 1126 – DEFCON 2012

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CES 2012 and Revision3 Vegas Meetup!

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We're back at CES 2012 for another year of awesome tech and new gadgets. What do you want to see? We'll be covering the show floor from Monday through Friday to being you the most up to date content on what you like m...

HakTip 26 – DEFCON 19: Quadshot Open Source Aircraft

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Building a Proxmox Virtual Environment with used Hardware

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Go open source in your virtual server platform with Proxmox-VE. This walkthrough will go show the steps of setting up a Proxmox server that will allow you to run virtual machines and manage with a webclient.

Homebrew Boxee Box

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Jason joins us for a little homebrew Boxee machine building and app development.

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