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Hak5 1708 – Cellular Testing Tools and Mobile SDR Apps

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Hak5 1611 – Open Source Drones and Android SDR

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Hak5 1512 – Hidden Device Inputs Revealed!

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Threat Wire 0043 – NSA Weakening Crypto Standards?!

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The NSA said to be weakening crypto standards, coluding with software companies and otherwise spending boat loads of tax dollars on surveillance systems that undermine the fabric of the Internet. Then, the NSA has bee...

Android Live Wallpaper

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Jason shows us how to program an Android Live Wallpaper

Packaging applications for the Ovi Store; Symbian programing continued.

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Learn the process for submitting application for the Ovi Store. Showing off the Nokia Qt SDK for some of the ins and outs of getting started and developing apps forSymbian devices.

PC Control via Google Voice SMS

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This segments by Jason shows how to setup your PC to be controlled by Google Voice SMS and some java code.