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Email: It’s More Secure! MS Cyber Defense Operations Center, FCC Says “We Didn’t Mean That…” – ThreatWire

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Microsoft’s opened a new Cyber Defense Operations Center, to track all the security things. The FCC says that thing about banning Open Source router operatings systems? It didn’t mean what we thought it meant. A new s...

TekThing 35: Cheap Router Spanks Google OnHub. Tripit, TRAXO, or AwardWallet? Toilet vs. Phone. Home Alarm Reccos!

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Is Google’s OnHub the Ultimate Home Router ...or can a $94 router spank it? The Wirecutter’s David Murphy joins us w/ the answer! What’s the best tool to manage your travel mileage rewards? Shannon’s on it! Will the F...

TekThing 34: Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+ or WAIT??? 2FA Apps, Avoid This Win10 Upgrade Fail, Cool Off A Hot Router!

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Both Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ have hit and are top-of-the-line. LG's G4 is another great option... but should you -WAIT- a few more weeks before you buy a new phone? Will Sprint and Verizion going 'contrac...

TekThing 20: Major Router Security Flaw! MakerFaire, Camera Reccos, Best BitTorrent Client, More!

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Download the video. Subscribe To Our Video on YouTube, iTunes, RSS. Download audio only MP3. (Audio RSS Feed Coming!) ------ Love the show? Please support us on Patreon! THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!! SOCI...

TekThing 6: Best Bargain Routers, New GPUs Picks, and Top Lastpass Alternatives!

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Kill switches are saving smartphones, our top bargain router picks, three alternatives to Lastpass Password Manager, and PCPer's Ryan Shrout joins to talk GPUs! All that and more this time on TekThing! Download HD ...

Hak5 1720 – New Years Barbeque

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This week on Hak5, Darren and Shannon take time to sit back and relax on the Hak5 couch and talk about some of there favorite tech, tech books, and some good achievements as well as future plans. Download HD  |   D...

Hak5 1712 – Hak5 Warehouse Tour and Feedback

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Projects, Connectivity, Warehouse build-out progress and more, this time on Hak5! Download HD  |   Download MP4 Ted Talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/glenn_greenwald_why_privacy_matters?language=en

Haktip 85 – Netcat 101: Port Scanning in Netcat

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This week we are using Netcat for Port Scanning of ip addresses. Download HD  |   Download MP4   Netcat 101: Port Scanning in Netcat! Welcome to HakTip -- the show where we breakdown concepts, tools and...

Haktip 84 – Netcat 101: Using Netcat for Banner Grabbing

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This week we are using Netcat for Banner Grabbing of website pages. Download HD  |   Download MP4     Netcat 101: Using Netcat for Banner Grabbing Banner grabbing is a little bit more complex ...

Hak5 1513 – Discovering Hidden Backdoors In Home Routers And Storing Data With Seafile!

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This week Darren interviews Craig Heffner on his research in to backdoors on routers. Also find Shannon dices into Seafile cloud storage, all that and more this time on Hak5! Download HD | Download MP4 Youtube H...

Hak5 1020 – Gladinet Cloud Desktop and Keylogging with AutoIt

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is time on the show, access your cloud via explorer, Mubix joins us to talk keylogging with AutoIt, and a few of your tips and questions. All that and more, this time on Hak5! Download HD Download MP4 This time ...

Hak5 912 – Stealing Windows passwords. Shannon’s hacking with the Katana USB boot key, automated file renamers, Firefox security extensions & more

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This time Hak5, Mubix joins us for more mischevious Metasploit fun. We're stealing Windows logins with a crafty keylogger. Shannon's hacking from a cave with the Katana USB security suite. Plus, automating file re...

Hak5 904 – Writing software without a line of code, crafting packets with hping, case mod cable mangement & cathodes and more

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Darren finishes off the photo frame case mod with a little cable beautification and accent lighting. Shannon's getting into programming without touching a line of code using the Illumination Software Creator from Radi...

Tools for Messing Around with DNS

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This segment Darren goes over some of the tools to do some interesting things with DNS and hak6.org.

Introduction to DNS Design

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Space cadet Darren explains a bit of the design and characteristic of DNS.

Episode 809 – Hacking DNS from beginning to end

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In this high as a kite edition of Hak5 Darren takes you on an adventure through the wonderful world of DNS. Explore the vast and intricate details of our beloved Domain Name System while exploiting mis-configured rout...

Episode 720 – Stolen Laptop Recovery and Homebrew Router Part 2

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This week Darren is joined in San Francisco by his wonderful co-host Shannon! I know, right? We're talking about open source software that will save the day if your laptop is ever stolen, following up on your password...

Episode 718 – Building a high performance home router

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Make your home network scream with a high performance router and firewall. Darren builds a custom network appliance using cheap parts, free and open source software and more power tools than he's typically allowed to ...

Build a hardcore router for free with pfSense

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While our smoothwall is and has been working well for us for the past two years, I recently had the need for something a little more robust. I came across a fork of the monowall project, pfSense is a free, open sou...

Episode 425 — USB Device Tracking and PFsense

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Season 2 Episode 8

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In this "breakin' in the new place" edition of Hak5 we take a look at some spiffy open-source goodies for your data and network. Paul checks out DD-WRT, a free & open firmware replacement for the oh so hackable Link...