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Hak5 1707 – Getting Started With The HackRF

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Hak5 1622 – The NSA Playset and SDRSharp Plugins

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Hak5 1512 – Hidden Device Inputs Revealed!

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Hak5 1509 – The New WiFi Pineapple Mark V

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Hak5 1206 – Learning To Fly Quad Shot Style

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HakTip 34 – How to Make ANY Application Portable

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USB Device Tracking

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If you’ve ever used a USB storage device and wondered how stealthy you can be with them, you’re in for a scare. Windows XP logs pretty much everything you’d want to know about that USB key in the registry each t...

Katana Multiboot Geek Stick

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Shannon joins us to show off Katana — the happy hackers boot key

The homemade Internet Enabled Garage Door Opener Android App

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Jason continues the internet enabled garage door opener project by writing an Android app.

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