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Hak5 1703 – WiFi Birdhouses and Linux RTL-SDR Setup

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Hak5 1613 – A Better Aircraft Seeking Drone Antenna

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WiFi Pineapple: your first connection

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So you've built, borrowed or bought a WiFi Pineapple and you're new to OpenWRT and Jasager. Hopefully this guide will familiarize you with the many aspects of the the WiFi Pineapple. If you have specific questions ple...

Auto-Rickrolling WiFi Pineapple

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Turn your WiFi Pineapple or any OpenWRT based Wireless Accesspoint into a self contained Auto-Rickrolling device!

Strip SSL security with a man-in-the-middle attack

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Darren demonstrates a little man-in-the-middle attack using SSLStrip, an epic tool for removing that pesky encryption from your victims browsing session. Go from secure site to clear-text passwords in one simple step....