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Hak5 1722 – WiFi Deauth Attacks, Downloading YouTube, Quadcopters and Capacitors

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WiFi Deauth attacks using the new WiFi Pineapple firmwares Recon Mode, downloading YouTube videos from the command line, quadcopters on a boat, and capacitors. All that and more, this time on Hak5! Download HD  |  ...

5 Tips for First Time WiFi Pineapple Success

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It's the time of year when good (and sometimes naughty) hackers find fresh fruit under the tree. If you're new to the WiFi Pineapple, follow these tips for first time success. Get Yourself Connected Managing the...

WiFi Pineapple Hopping – Metasploit Minute

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Metasploit Minute – the break down on breaking in. Join Mubix (aka Rob Fuller) every Monday here on Hak5. Thank you for supporting this ad free programming. Sponsored by Hak5 and the HakShop - http://hakshop.com ...

Hak5 1705 – Netcat Pastebins and WiFi Birdhouses Continued

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Windows command line aliases, a netcat-based pastebin and an update on the WiFi Birdhouse project. All that and more, this time on Hak5. Download HD | Download MP4 termbin.com

Hak5 1703 – WiFi Birdhouses and Linux RTL-SDR Setup

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Reconnaissance with WiFi Birdhouses and RTL-SDR for Linux, this time on Hak5! Download HD | Download MP4 wifipineapple.com gnuradio.org kmkeen.com

Hak5 1615 – Drones 101: Flight Controllers + Tracking Aircraft 5000 Miles Away!

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Drone Basics: How do Flight Controllers work? Microcontrollers, sensors, input and actuators explained. Join Darren Kitchen and 1 BIT SQUARED's Piotr Esden-Tempski for this auto-pilot overview. Plus, tracking aircraft...

Hak5 1614 – Solar WiFi Pineapple Briefcase, Aircraft Tracking with High Gain Point-to-Point

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What could be better than tracking aircraft from a drone? How about a solar powered WiFi Pineapple briefcase? The Hak5 crew test their latest creation with a high gain point-to-point link from the top of a hill to the...

Hak5 1613 – A Better Aircraft Seeking Drone Antenna

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This time on Hak5, your Software Defined Radio feedback, antenna ground systems and the counterpoise. Plus, revisiting ADS-B with a Pineapple Drone prototype seeking aircraft transponder beacons from 400 feet. All tha...

Hak5 1610 – Identify And Locate Ships Via AIS Transmissions!

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Ahoy! The Hak5 team takes the SDR to bay and explore the waterways via the Automatic Identification System. All that and more, this time on Hak5! Download HD | Download MP4 Automatic Identification System (AIS)...

Hak5 1609 – Tracking Aircraft over 300 miles away! Mountain + Drone + SDR

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Radio Horizon and Fresnel Zones get practical as the Hak5 team takes a SDR Equipped WiFi Pineapple drone to an altitude of 4200 feet! From the 3800 ft summit of Mt. Diablo and a recommended 400 ft AGL ceiling we tackl...

Hak5 1507 – Secure Messaging and Air Traffic Control Hacking

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This time on Hak5, Darren speaks with RenderMan at Derbycon 2013 on vulnerabilities in the nextgen Air Traffic Control system and ATS-B. Then Shannon rounds up three secure messaging apps for iOS and Android. Downl...

WiFi Pineapple: your first connection

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So you've built, borrowed or bought a WiFi Pineapple and you're new to OpenWRT and Jasager. Hopefully this guide will familiarize you with the many aspects of the the WiFi Pineapple. If you have specific questions ple...

Auto-Rickrolling WiFi Pineapple

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Turn your WiFi Pineapple or any OpenWRT based Wireless Accesspoint into a self contained Auto-Rickrolling device!

Strip SSL security with a man-in-the-middle attack

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Darren demonstrates a little man-in-the-middle attack using SSLStrip, an epic tool for removing that pesky encryption from your victims browsing session. Go from secure site to clear-text passwords in one simple step....