Good news all! We now have a new and more stable IRC server at We welcome everyone to join us in #hak5. We’ll be slowly making the transition over the week. Thanks go to Oliver Wine for making that happen smoothly.

And in other awesome news, we’re currently beta-testing a new Hak.5 game server — sponsored by We’re currently testing Counter-Strike: Source. You can join us on the server at (password is hak5). Kick us an email or leave a comment about your experience, we want to get everything worked out before episode 10 release on May 5th.

Thanks to everyone that has been so supportive bringing these new Hak5 services online.





  • Any chance of getting a worms game going?

  • cs1.6 ftw baby

  • Good job boyz!! :)

  • calking 9 years ago

    any chance of putting up a Condition Zero server?

  • Not sure where the server is located, but, I’m registering a 120

  • Not sure where the server is located, but, I’m registering a 120+ ping from Austin, Texas. Also, might want to see about getting it set to 66 or 100tic. Love the Show. gl hf.

  • The server is in texas… you must have some horrible routing.
    And also, the tickrate is set to 100 :)

  • dynamx 9 years ago

    i’m having problems accessing the server. I fire up the console (`) and enter “connect” and I get the error “bad password”

    do I have to include the password in the connect command? how do I do that? thanks.

  • blades 9 years ago

    Since I have a 85 ping (playing from Philly) and it being a 33 tick server, it is impossible for me to play on it =\.

    dynamx: connect;password hak5

  • Sorry about that everyone… the server has been updated to a 100 tickrate. Shortly after the 10th episode is released, we’ll be moving the location of the server to chicago… so hopefully better pings for people who are a ways away from texas where the server is currently located.

  • I just checked out the server, runs good for me,hope to see some people on it soon, and you guys should throw a lil Office in the map rotation :)

  • So is there going to be an episode on showing how to exploit gamers who connect to the game server thru the connection port or something? Or maybe a way to cause chaos(other than cheating). Still mad at steam for taking away CS from being a free mod to half-life.

  • lorenzo 9 years ago

    ey iam starting a Hamachi for the hack scc get on

  • lorenzo 9 years ago

    hak5 pass hak5

  • some guy 9 years ago

    Heyy! Do CS1!

  • do a ut 2004 server that wud be sweet!!

  • Battlefield 2 man, doesn’t take much to run it. Waffles!!!

  • Cpl. Crowe looks forward to killing you SOON!
    (and then spraying and screenshotting your dead ass!)
    You guys need a TeamSpeak server too!

  • CooLSpoT 9 years ago

    Blah, how about a Call of Duty 2 server? =)

  • graham 9 years ago

    hey don’t you guys have a hak.5 server in wolfenstien ET called #techlust or something?

  • I can’t seem to log onto the irc server. Does it use a different port number?

  • Mightymouse 9 years ago

    can we get a map voting thing? I want to uh..go to a different map but I don’t want to wait for the map timer.

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