O.MG DemonSeed EDU

The O.MG DemonSeed EDU is an educational hardware implant for making good USB cables bad.

Each kit includes a 2-pack of DemonSeed implants. That means you can create two cables.

What is it?

Well, it’s not the O.MG Cable. It would take more than 100 DemonSeeds to match even some of the power in an O.MG Cable.

The DemonSeed EDU isn’t designed for field use like the O.MG Cable is. DemonSeed EDU is designed for education.

You supply good USB cables and DemonSeed will help you make them bad. You will be able to program keystroke injection payloads. Functionality like RF triggers and high speed USB passthrough are some of the things you will learn how to enable as part of the video series

O.MG DemonSeed Refill Kit

Prescription Use: Looking for more DemonSeed after using them up in your O.MG DemonSeed EDU kit? Each refill will allow you to make one extra cable.

Off Label Use: The DemonSeed EDU boards in the refill kits already have the bootloader installed. So you can skip directly to Episode 4 in the instruction videos. The programming jig found in the full kit will be needed to unlock the full potential of the DemonSeed EDU implant, but if you only want a basic malicious cable then a refill kit is all you need.

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