The Hak5 community is a place where pentesters, students, coders, enthusiasts and all-around Hak5 fans come together to help each other, inspire one another and collectively share feedback with Hak5. It's a welcoming place! We just ask that you follow these simple rules:


1. Be good. Be Nice. Behave

This isn't a place for trolling – it's a place to help an encourage each other, and to provide constructive feedback. Remember, nobody was born 1337. We all started somewhere.

2. Don't spam

Please keep your posts relevant to the topic, thread or board you're posting on. Don't post random junk, troll bait or off topic ramblings – that's what YouTube is for ;)

3. Share your ideas

We encourage you to share your ideas, and it's totally possible that we'll learn from you and perhaps integrate your idea into a new product or payload. We've always grown our Hak5 Gear based on your feedback, so bear in mind that when you share your ideas, you're giving us the okay to act on them.

4. Views expressed are not that of Hak5

We don't prescreen any information submitted by community members. We retain the right, but not the responsibility, to edit or remove posts which violate the community guidelines. Further, Hak5 does not provide formal product support on the community forums. Hak5 may provide general product or technical information, however any information provided is offered on an "AS IS" basis without warranties of any kind. This disclaimer is in addition to the disclaimers and limitation of liability set forth in the Terms of Service. Similarly, community contributions such as payloads come with absolutely no warranty. You are solely responsible for the outcome of their execution.

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